Evolve with Rick


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Every Thursday nights from 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Venue: The Music Salon. 49 Niven Road. Walking distance from Little India MRT Station

"We choose to control the world because we fear what will (or might) happen if we let the world control our destiny. Control is the creature of fear; it is birthed, fed and nurtured by fear of the unknown and a refusal to accept that some things are simply unknowable and beyond our control."

- Robert Riversong

Is your anxiety for the future or guilt from the past preventing you from totally enjoying the present?

Are you facing major roadblock in your life and have no idea on how to go about it?

Do you find it hard to sink into a meditative state and relaxed state after a hard day's work?

Despite being a motivation speaker, meditation facilitator and author, I hit an emotional burnout late last year. No one could give me a good advice. The only advice I heard from everyone around me was to earn money and everything will be solved. However, my intuition has told me that something from those advice was missing. Shortly after, by grace of divine timing, I discovered a book that heavily influenced me in my outlook in life, The Tao Te Ching. As compared with several self help books, this book sounded like a homecoming for me.

Since then, I started to read more of similar literature and more importantly, started to embrace the art of flow and surrender to my daily life and I have been living in peace thus far.

Hence, I decided to come up with a simple and enjoyable meditation technique that will help everyone release unnecessary struggles created by themselves and start to enjoy the bliss of life. It is only when we are at a state of bliss, we are able to set goals out of inspiration, instead of fear or scarcity. Hence, we are able to impact more people around us and eventually live a truly fulfilling life.

Surrender Meditation is a Spa for the Mind and Soul. Consisting of 3 parts - Movement, Sitting and Lying down, this technique aims to help you to release any internal stress and struggles and totally embracing the present bliss. This technique is Universal and can be practiced by anyone regardless of faith.

Have you finally SURRENDERED to life?

This meditation is offered at a donation of $5.