It is a dream that one doesn’t arise from. Blessed with the lushness of green, one frolics in the breezes, dances with the butterflies and muses to the whimsical landscape, adorned with the radiance of daffodils, melodies of sparrows and composure of the waters.

If fairy-tales have taught us anything, it would be that anyone who rises above challenges enjoys a happy ending. Napier Edge has undergone a metamorphosis to usher in a brand new chapter of extravagance – Luxland, an upmarket abode where busy urbanites relish to the restorative pleasures they deserve after a day of strive.

At Luxland, be transported to a magical fairyland, where you and your loved ones enjoy a happily-ever-after lifestyle. Allow your senses to be enchanted by the exorbitance of Mother Nature at a utopia where you and your loved ones create your very own mythical fable, right at your doorstep. Capture golden memories with those who truly matter at the breath-taking luxe gardens. Unwind and recharge at the clubhouse overhanging a waterfall pond, a koi and reed pond, a pool reminiscent of a lake, and lily-pad inspired pavilions with reading pods, a yoga deck and hammocks. Wander with the curiosity and joy of a little child across boardwalk trails, stepping stones, and natural green pastures while savouring the fresh air right below canopies of trees.

A name that characterises lavish and profuse growth, Luxland embodies the pinnacle of epicurean and sybaritic living at its finest. Units provide luxe fixtures and fittings, as well as organic ventilation and lighting – a sophisticated home fit for a blissful life. Unblocked corner views will leave you in awe by the life-enhancing, magical powers of the pristine gardens below.

Nestled at the cusps of urbanisation and nature, Luxland offers a luxe location within the heart of prime District 10, providing an abundance of lifestyle and educational choices for everyone. Amid the sounds of nature, birds chirping and water flowing, you’ll be nourished by the visual beauty of flowers and greenery of the Botanical Gardens nearby.  Celebrate and indulge at the trendy enclaves of Holland Village and Dempsey Hill. Orchard road and its surrounding central business district are within minutes, while several reputable local and international schools are within its vicinity.

Luxland – Your happily-ever-after


“This is a sample ad created by Rick Chan (Chan Yi Ming) for portfolio purposes. Any resemblance to any existing brands or services is purely coincidental.”


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Imagine, 65 years from now when you’re still talking about your wedding party with your great-grand kids by your side – reminiscing the laughs and fun everyone had.

I’m here to make that happen.

Since 2010, I am a have been hosting events, including wedding parties. I love seeing the beautiful glow on couple’s faces during their once in a life time party. What’s different about me? Well, I know that no two couples are alike. I offer you unlimited consultations before the event so you can make sure I understand your love for each other. This allows me to customise a script that showcases your unique love and personalities to your guests.  I also provide my own sound equipment and have connections with photographers, videographers and live bands.

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Michelle is a multi-talented teenager who has made headlines winning multiple awards at the Singapore Youth Festival, Choir Category.

She also made her school proud made by winning an Interschool-Cluster Debating Championship.

Michelle’s dream is to practice law. With such oratorical and performing talents, one wouldn’t be surprised that she would make a good lawyer.

Unfortunately, there’s something stopping her – her maths results. To qualify for courses at Junior Colleges and Polytechnics, one must get at least a C6 for maths.

Michelle’s average has been fluctuating between a D7 and E8.

“My teacher is really fast and doesn’t really explain the concept in a way that I understand, so I just gave up,” Michelle said.

Naturally, Michelle’s parents were really worried, until a recommendation by a family friend introduced Math Hub to them.

“The tutor, Mr. Chen is very patient. He explained the complicated concepts in a very simple manner so that I could understand,” said Michelle. “He has helped me develop an interest and confidence for a subject that I used to hate. Mr Chen also his experience as a Study Skills Teacher to help me better manage my time and memorize concepts easily.”

After getting a D7 in her secondary 4 mid-term maths paper, to an A2 during her “O” Levels, Michelle was in total surprise.

Behind Michelle’s success is the unique learning method Math Hub uses. Founder and resident tutor Nicholas Chen uses a method called Divide and Conquer, or DC for short to help his students learn.

Divide and Conquer has been a proven method. I’ve seen struggling students become masters of the subject in just months. Students like Michelle have leaped from a failing grade to an A within 1 term.”

Today, Michelle is a Law and Management student at Temasek Polytechnic.

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“This is a sample ad created by Rick Chan (Chan Yi Ming) for portfolio purposes. Any resemblance to any existing brands or services is purely coincidental.”

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