Evolve with Rick

About Me


I live in Singapore.

Singapore is known for many things.


Best airport in the world.

Most expensive city in the world.

Silicon Valley of the east.


I love my country very much. You can achieve anything you desire as long as you put your heart and dedication to it. Time and time have proven it as I witnessed my peers acing their way up the business ladder.

Besides, our most “dangerous” area could not hold a candlestick to any other nation. No drunk people on the street to harass me, no street gangs terrorizing our households.

Am I grateful for all these? Of course.


Yet, on the other hand, we are also known as…


The Disneyland with a death penalty

The least emotional country in the world



“The country is a bit soulless. Everything is designed and catered for financial gain. There’s no history, no identity, no deeper values, no deeper respect for individuals beyond money and productivity.”

– Mark Manson on Singapore


I could not sum up better than writer Mark Manson.

For any economy to progress, the people have to stay focused on achieving and solving issues.

Over time, we developed a mentality of “fixing” everything. Life does not seem perfect and we need to force a solution for every situation even when a solution is not needed. I witnessed several businesses that are randomly selling “air” to people through the process of making people feel like there are problems in their lives when there aren’t.

Competition is always on a steep rise as it has always been a belief that it will boost the economy. And that lead to the idea In the name of progress and financial gain, I have witnessed how people have lost basic empathy in order to size up their competition.

In a nutshell, we became machines. We have lost our ability to be humans and enjoy the basic things in life.



I stopped my mindless hustle in October 2016 when my maternal grandmother passed away peacefully. I visited her on Thursday but she was asleep. I never got a chance to say a proper goodbye.

Having lived through World War II, her life has been filled with hardships after hardships. She did not go to school and had to marry someone that was arranged for her. From a farmer to a vegetable seller to an owner of a hawker stall, supporting her children, of which, she outlived 2 of them.

Towards the final years of her life, she had never lamented about her hardships or her achievements. She was just looking forward to people visiting her. She just wanted love.

When I look at our current world, I do question the need to hustle, compete and gaslight one another when at the end of our journey, we just want the simple things in life.

Hence, I spent the next few months contemplating my existence.

I started to read into topics such as minimalism and community building.


Despite the crazy pace the country has been evolving, I became certain that there is also a possibility in creating another Singapore that is based on quality human relationships and other equally important values that money can’t buy.

Whether you are in Singapore or any part of the developed world, I wish to create a sanctuary for you feel perfectly okay about yourself, regardless of how much or how little you have achieved. You are worthy.

As you read my articles, do not read with your mind. Read it with your heart and ask yourself what do they mean to you.

May you rediscover who you truly are.