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I started this year with a thriving career as an emcee, while also setting up a side business with a few friends. I've even planned out the list of destinations I wanted to visit!

The you-know-what happened. Everyone in my industry received a rude awakening.

While it was hard on me, I started to wonder if I'm only capable of 3 things - acting, speaking and teaching.

I wondered what else I was capable of.

During the circuit breaker, I took up Digital Marketing courses and to build up my arsenal of skills.

I was fortunate to land on a Content Writing position. Fulfilling as it was, I had a severe burnout.

However, it was during that time that I discovered that a hidden opportunity. While writing an article on government-sponsored programmes, I found that many institutions out there were also rolling out courses to help Singaporeans who are seeking a career change.

I was thrilled to find a course that complements my establishing skill sets, and best of all, it was so close to my home!

I'm very thankful for the opportunity to start afresh. Every day I strut through the school gantry together with several kids half my age, attending lessons by lecturers younger than me. I'm u
unfazed. I'm excited.

Bring it on!

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