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Contrary to popular belief, to be a successful emcee, being overhyped or the life of the party is not enough, sometimes, unnecessary.

However, to maintain your longevity in this business, one can consider cultivating the following mindsets.



The Emcee is more like an ambassador walking side-by-side with the clients and audience, making sure their needs are met. Image courtesy of

Bad news to those of you who wish to be in the limelight just to get some kind of validation. Regardless of a roadshow, product launch, wedding or any sort of company party, you are NOT the star. The product that you’re promoting, the wedding couple, and the hardworking employees looking forward to a celebration are the real stars.

As an emcee, you are just the ambassador between the client and their audience. You are the friendly voice and face that bridge these 2 entities together so that event can achieve its intended outcome, be it getting more sales conversions at roadshows and product launches or employees feeling appreciated by their bosses during a dinner and dance.

So before you make yourself look good, seek to make others look good.



What’s up! How may I serve you today? Image taken from, courtesy of @priscilladupreez.   

As mentioned above, you are the ambassador between the client and their audience. Hence, you have to make sure that the needs of both parties are met. This is tricky because the client’s wants may differ from the audience and it’s your job to find a common ground between the two to ensure both parties are satisfied.

Besides dealing with clients and audience, you are at the service of the event company that hired you. Everyone, from the owner of the company to the hiring manager to the lowly-paid intern, you are serving them. You have to do a good job to make the company who trusted you look good if you want recurring jobs.

What about interns and part-time staff? Some say a measure of a man is by how he treats the ones in lower statues. Interns may rise to become managers, while part-time staff, who are usually students with nothing to lose might just call in sickie the next day and you are left with little-to-no help.

Come with a mindset to serve, and you’re in this business for the long run.



I really tried so hard! But they don’t like my work. Image taken from, courtesy of @whoislimos.

Even if you arrive hours before the event to get prepared, charmed the entire crowd with your wit and spirit and even practised the above 2 mindsets, you cannot control what everyone thinks of you.

Everyone can say that you are amazing, yet the most important person, aka the one that pays your salary can say that you are crap. It may be due to a misunderstanding, something innocent that you said that triggered him/her, or he/she might just hate the way you look!

Unfortunately, you can never control that.

What you can do at best, when being criticized, no matter how ridiculous or justifiable it sounds, is to offer an immediate apology and find out what they truly need in order to rectify the situation.


So aspiring emcees, cultivate these 3 mindsets and you are on your way to a successful hosting journey!

All the best!




Rick Chan is a professional Master of Ceremonies who specialises in product launches and roadshows. As an emcee, his goal is to bring out the best from every company he serves and reach out to their intended audience.

Besides entertaining the crowd, Rick has also imparted his elocution skills to the younger generation by provided public speaking training to students from schools such as Victoria School and Raffles Institution.


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