Evolve with Rick

So You Have Yet to Succeed Right?

Giving up so soon?

We watch a motivational video. We head to a seminar. We were stoked. Our bums are on fire. We wanna get things DONE! DONE! DONE!

After one week, much of the fire may have been extinguished by certain something inside of you.

The goal that was conjured up in your image seemed fresh as produce. The goal was so inspiring. The goal was also damn far.

“Screw this. They’re so way ahead of their game. I can’t even get that damn stairs fixed to even take the first step!”

We benchmark ourselves against the best, which, why not? It is our inherent nature to express our fullest potential in life. Now rewind back to the previous words, fullest potential in LIFE. So unless we are dying tomorrow, we have a pretty long life ahead of us to express our fullest potential.

I know some of you folks are so diddly damn embracing the YOLO (You only live once) or the FOMO (Fear of missing out) mantras. Look, I get you. I totally understand where you are coming from. As an action taker myself who boldly pursues instead of talk, I too want to be as successful as my idols.

But if I keep comparing myself with Preston Smiles, who has a sick looking website, Wong Fu Production, who makes really thought provoking videos, and all the shitloads of people who are much younger than me having an extra zero on their paycheck, I might as well quit and find the fastest way to end my life.

To be honest, it is so tempting to quit whatever I’m pursuing right now and live life like a hobo. Well, some days I do, but I bounce back on track again. Because I know the journey is bloody long. In fact, the 32 year old me would probably tell the 22 year old me back in 2006 to not treat life so seriously and enjoy while having fun. Even if I screw up, I’ll just smile and learnt from it. But no, the angst ridden 22 year old feels that he needs to achieve something, otherwise he’s nothing in the eyes of the world. Look where’s he now. Oh well…

Look, even if I were to achieve everything by tomorrow at 8.05 am sharp, my mind would be asking, what’s next? That’s where, I will remind my mind that its time to throw a party a celebrate for a while and enjoy the harvest.

“But I haven’t achieved anything at all!?!”

Sweetheart, you kidding me? Look back at the day and asked yourself what have you achieved? Did you successfully walk your dog? Did you actually went to work and get some money rolling in? Did you actually even bother to read this piece of article to possibly help understand your situation a little better? Were you conscious enough to know that you are not feeling good about not being successful?

Are all these not achievements? Must you win an award everyday, or get a million likes on your Instagram to prove that you have achieved something?

Truth is, we have achieved a lot. While we keep our eyes on our goal, which may be ever changing, please remember that to reach that goal of ours, it takes time, dedication, patience and humility.

If we can’t enjoy the current state we are in right now, what makes us think we can enjoy when we have everything?

Enjoy your life today.