Evolve with Rick

The Reason Why You Are Lost in Life

Its nearing the mid year…I’m sure you’d probably know what’s coming up. No, I’m even getting to the resolutions part, since its a near win bet that many of our resolutions will fall along the way. Many of us don’t even know why we even set the resolutions in the first place!

I did my travels, wrote my book, started giving meditation events, make videos for my YouTube channel and of late, I even went into doing stand up comedy.

One would say that the person above is frivolous or even have no clear direction. I’m sure a teenager will get lots of envy for trying out all of the above, but no, I’m a grown man in my 30s. I’m going to give you the surprise of the century now – I have a clear direction. I have a clear direction to explore who Rick really is, what are his potentials, probably find an intersection between all his passions and create a clear workable path.

Most people are lost because they are too attached to their identity, or ego, to be more exact. In my country, we are conditioned to study hard, enter a “good school”, read a “good major” in University and head out to get a “good job”. We were told to grow up too fast and we neglected what the little kid inside of us like to do. Then, we head out to jobs, pretending to like them and refuse to change our jobs because of image or the fear of not being taken seriously if we make constant changes.

This leads to us not willing try new things. Why don’t we try new things? Some of us take that new hobby or passion with such bold ideas like “Now, I’m the chef guy.” or “I’m the singer.” Then status anxiety arises. Business seminars and other motivational programs have instilled the go-getter in us to think about finding a way to monetize what we do. Then the stress arises. And then one day, we lose our passion and we finally lose ourselves, even though our passion changes from time to time. How would we know what we like or don’t like if we don’t even TRY?

You get my point.

If you are exploring who you really are, craving for security or an attachment towards the identity of your passion is a total oxymoron.

Please do not confuse any ambiguous phase with being lost in life. When you are doing a myriad of things, you are diving deep into different dimensions of your life. Each day you began to understand yourself better. How can that be considered lost? In fact, the ones who force themselves into something and pretend to like it is probably more lost than us.

I am blessed with a freelance job that provides me financial sustenance for me to explore who I am. I am not very fond of the job and that’s why I rarely mention it. However, I always make time to explore who I am and give whatever I do 100%.

What does the future holds for me? Don’t worry, I’m getting there. For now, I’m just enjoying the thrill of trying out new things before I dive deep into a project so big that it will revolutionize the society.