Evolve with Rick

Chinese New Year Musings

From my timezone, its less than an hour away from the Year of the Monkey. I’m spending some time to ponder about a very productive Sheep year I had.

The Year of Sheep has been pretty amazing for me. There were LOTS of changes in my life amidst a very peaceful Sheep energy. Sheep is always defined by its ability to kind and peace loving. 2015 was the year of the Wooden Sheep, hence, there will be also tendencies of being a people pleaser for the sake of being loved by others.

As we welcome the Year of the Fire Monkey, expect times where you will be challenged to leave your comfort zone, as the Wooden Sheep has created a very awesome grassland which you don’t wish to leave! Also, expect to dive into exploring different passions of yours. Maybe its a good time to travel to another country! For me, I’m heading to Taiwan in 2 days time! Though, it is to be noted that the energy of the Fire Monkey can be too enthusiastic and may lack focus at times. So, stay grounded while embracing changes and freedom.

Hence, here’s wishing everyone 新年快乐, which means Happy New Year and 恭喜发财, which means congratulations on your new found wealth!

BUT!!!! Chinese phrases aside, may the Year of the Monkey bring you lots of Peace(和平), Fun (玩乐) and Abundance (丰裕)! After all, that’s what we need!

To our most Evolved selves,