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Of Masculinity and Art

Masculinity and Art

Very often, being an artist is typically frowned upon by society. Some say its because its being too intangible. I say its because of an unknown fear advocated somewhere out there and transmuted to the rest of the world that uncertainty is dangerous. Another reason would be because many people can’t handle the truth that comes from an artwork that is channeled by inspiration, or some say divine.

Men, more so than women, have been discouraged from practicing art, mainly because from popular sources, the masculine gender is supposed to “build structures”, “be the driver”, “establish things”, whereas art is supposed to be something that is intuitive, spontaneous, expressive, pretty much without a direction, because after all, life is like a blank canvas, you create a meaning and a direction for yourself.

Well, the masculinity in Art is WELL and ALIVE.

It is the masculine in him that dares to defy the odds of society and stick with his personal beliefs, weather through discrimination and continue with this life purpose of just churning out art.

It is the masculine in him that honors what’s right and speaks what’s right, despite the fact that he may end up having several axes and knifes pointing his way. It is the masculine in him to defy the regime of a stereotypical cash generating society and ESTABLISH A NEW ONE, where one can pursue their ideals and yet live in abundance, even though the sources from the latter is unknown.

It is the masculine in him that is STRONG ENOUGH to BE ALONE when all his friends and lovers are gone.

It is also the masculine in him to stay STRONG and GROUNDED despite an unknown tomorrow.

Please don’t be too quick to discount the masculine when it comes to art.

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