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What To Think About During Meditation

What to think about during meditation

This is certainly a question that many novice meditators have.

What must I think about in order to get the maximum value out of this meditation? Should I just be focusing on the breath or should I be visualizing certain stuff?

Maybe first, ask yourself, why are you even meditating?

To get clarity of mind? To feel better about yourself? To practice more compassion?

Bodhidharma, the first Indian monk to spread the concept of Zen to China was sitting in a monastery together with a number of other monks. While the rest were busy meditating, he was busy polishing a tile. The monks, many of them who were not even deep into meditation, woke up from their silence and saw Bodhidharma polishing a tile.

“Master, what are you doing that for?” Asked one of the monks.

“Why are you meditating?” Master Dhammo replied with rhetoric.

“No idea?” Replied the monk.

“Me too.” Bodhidharma replied.

Very often, many people like to think that meditation has a solution for every of their current life’s issue. Certainly with entering into a consciousness that is not going against the flow of nature, one is able to allow perceive things clearly. Yet, it is the dogma of things that complicates everything.

Next, as much as people have identified their purpose for meditation, they try for their purpose as soon as their meditation starts. For example, they intend to develop more peace within themselves. Yet as they enter into the meditation, they constantly force themselves to think peaceful thoughts or affirm that they are peaceful. In the end, the struggle to be peaceful during the meditation actually creates more lack of peace and it is the FEELING of struggle that would eventually manifest.

Hence, if constant affirmation or visualizing proves to be a struggle, then it is important to choose a different way of meditation. The goal is to get into a vibration of feeling the experience which you like to manifest. One might start off with, “What is one thing that I can do to find peace at this moment?” With that in mind, the answers will come. The answer may shock you. The answer might be to ask you to get out of meditation and walk in nature.

I was on the way home from work and I planned to meditate for a short while. It was a draining day and I intended to play a Solfeggio tracks as I meditated. As I entered into the meditation, I found it rather difficult to meditate for some reasons.

Why am I in this meditation? I asked myself.

To feel better about myself. The answer flashed to me in an instance.

How can I feel better about myself now?

Do something productive.

Hence, I got out of my meditation and decided to type this blog out. And yes, I sure did feel better about myself after typing this article.

Hence, in a nutshell, the why of doing meditation is pretty important. Even for someone who wishes to experiment meditation, they need to be clear that their purpose is to experience meditation and not expecting anything out of it. If there is any struggle or frustration during the process, then meditation is not the most suitable activity for one to do at that particular moment, because meditation is something that is supposed to be organic and effor