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Why I Rarely Get Into Philosophical Discussion These Days

Of Life and Philosophy

Some of you might be wondering where have I been. From a certain fictional adaptation, I may disappear into the mountain. From another fictional adaptation, I sold drugs to the major kingpins around, sleeping with different women every 2 hours.

Take your pick on which reality your Rick Chan wishes to be from the comforts of your own console.

Well, asides from doing very little, I have been enjoying my existence of life. I rarely speak. I hang out by myself, and sometimes, I lose my mind. I have been entrenched in such deep self study that I decided to release the need to rely on outside material to tell me who am I. These materials may be born out of a surface based investigation, may also be born out of fear of not having enough content to fill in the void, may also be born out of the ego of marketing.

I study myself every day, sometimes, with the help of some gentle wise souls. If not, I hold the answer to all my life’s questions. I find getting into intellectual conversations and analyze about certain philosophies of life. That’s a great waste of brain space. That’s also a great waste of energy arguing and convincing just by a few words or some emotional threats! Because in everyone of us, we hold the greatest amount of wisdom and solutions to everything. Yet, we give in to the fear that we are not good enough, we discuss stuff to prove how smart we are to gain validation and approval.

Our brains can be used for many other uses, keeping it open for real good ideas and developing them into something purposeful.

Lesser words, more experience. Liberate your brain today so that it can taste the nectar of divine guidance.

The Living Artist,

Evolve with Rick