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Celebrating Silence

It has been a wonderful start of the year for me. At times, I feel like I’m still getting things started after 11 days into the New Year. As part of this year’s initiative to declutter the space for expansion, I decided to observe silence even more this year.

The final week of the year has been rather emotionally draining for me and yet, it serves as a good cleansing period for me. I started to leave my social media for a while and really rediscover who I am. As much as 2015 was a pretty fruitful year for me, I know that there are things and people that I have someone manifested unknowingly. They all showed up in front of me during the final week of last year.

One greatest realization that I made was the sometimes uncontrollable emotional expansion, for better or worse, whenever I started to talk. As I took a temporary hiatus from social media, I realized that there are A LOT of things that doesn’t need explanation or justification.

I was engaged in a major training project last week. But for most part, I was alone during my lunch break and it was really amazing being off in a quiet space of my own. Even today, as I was heading off with a colleague of mine, I realized that there’s so much comfort even when we do not speak with one another. In fact, I realized that sometimes when I speak when there’s not a need to, a lot of unnecessary energy is being put out.

Our society has conditioned us to speak in social settings, otherwise, we might be passed off as aloof. Yet, I could care less of what people think of me nowadays because those who really resonate with me, will still be with me regardless of whether I speak or not.

I love silence so much. Its like being in a paradise of my own. I have a clearer mind and I no longer make decisions that I may regret later in a haste.

To our most Evolve selves,



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