Evolve with Rick

New Year Greetings

How’s everyone doing?

This year, I am practicing simplicity. Less words. More beingness. Through the final week of 2015, I realized the importance of words, both spoken and thought. I realized that my thoughts have attracted a few people in my life whom reflected the opposite of what I stood for – Harmony, Inspiration and Joy. These people reflected scarcity, fear, discrimination and separation.

Yet, I decided to take responsibility for attracting such people into my life and out came a very heavy realization for me – Being is more important than just words. I no longer wish to keep preaching over and over again, especially to people on deaf ears. They have their own life to live.

I just be.

Over a short course of a few days, I realized lots of philosophies, especially from the self-help industry no longer resonate with me. In fact, I rarely read anything as of now. Because within me, and within each of you lies the greatest book. I see lots of people posting up links to motivational articles and posters. Yet, I wonder have we truly practice what we preached? You posted a “follow your heart” on your wall, but do you TRULY do it? Or are you confined by the fears of lack as propagated by this man made society? You advocated for unconditional love for all living beings, but do you dare love the ones who eat meat unconditionally as well? You advocated selfless altruism, but do you dare not post your good deeds on your wall? You talk a lot about life and philosophy, but do you LIVE that way daily?

Hence, I’ve decided that this is a year where I simplify stuff. Because I realize that less is more. When I do less of things, the emptier my mind is, the clearer I can see whatever I’m doing. While the clearer that I see whatever I’m doing, whoever whom I’m serving benefits 100%.

Just like this article. This article wasn’t planned. I did not need to scratch my head and wonder what to type. It just IS. I just allowed.

This year is all about creating a beautiful life through the path of the least resistance, for suffering and going against the grain is an illusion propagated by many. Its about creating a beautiful life from within. Its about helping you to find freedom as soon as NOW from within. Its about helping you to MAKE PEACE with yourself so that you can start ALLOWING things you truly desire in life.

And this is how we will Evolve.

Have a Good Year ahead.



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