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Inferiority Complex For Being Young

The Stigma of Being YoungI was chatting with someone yesterday. He was serving his 2 year mandatory army duties. When we went out to party with his group of acquaintances, most of whom have already graduated from University, he told me that he did not want to share with the rest that he is still serving his army, because he did not want to be judged for being too young.

“Young man. Work hard. Think about starting business the next time.” An elderly man told me when I tried to share with him my plans. I was 20 back then. He took out his MLM brochures and started to pitch to me like I’m a little kid with no life experiences.

That was a time where I really hated being young.

This is one issue that I used to face a lot, especially when I’m dealing with people whom are old enough to be my parents. In Asia, where a pseudo-Confucian value system exist, it seems like the “older” generation love to give lots of advice for the young, sometimes with advice that makes one looks pretty insignificant.


The Silent Power of Youths

First, if you can conduct yourself pretty well in front of your older peers, chances are, they will respect you even more. Personally, I am learning business from someone 10 years young than me. I have also previously asked my 20 year old INTERN for business advice. Even as an older guy now, I do not I’m inferior just because I do not possess the knowledge they do. The Universe has a funny way of balancing everything in perfect order. For every disadvantage you are bestowed with, you are blessed with something advantageous.

Next, even if they were to view you as “weak”, chances are, they will want to HELP you. Who doesn’t want free help? I always believe in being an Alchemist in all sorts of situations. Yes, they are going to give you a lot of advice, but the wisest are usually the ones that listen. As Robert Greene mentioned on the first chapter of 48 Laws of Power, “Never outshine the Master”. Let them share as much knowledge as they want, put your ego aside and listen with an open heart and mind. Besides, listening can also help to up your charisma level. People love listeners.


If you put in TOO MUCH FOCUS on your insecurities of being young, guess what, your subconscious antenna will help you locate people who will discriminate you based on your age.

Just remember, you are never too young or too old to be an AMAZING person.