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Plan Upon Feel Good Experiences

Mmmmmm...I'm gonna plan my goals right after this!

Mmmmmm…I’m gonna plan my goals right after this!

Great Sunday everyone! I hope everyone has created a “SPACE” (refer to my previous article) of their own to find some joy, fun and relaxation.

Now, I’m going to share you with my thoughts of why that is very important.

Recently, dating coach extraordinaire and my partner in crime for Limitless Bar, Val Senan, requested my help to edit a write up for our upcoming event. I looked through the write up. Sure, it did seemed like he put in great efforts for the write up. Yet, I do sense the write up lacked a certain inspiration.

Later that night, I had a mini reading with him using my Law of Attraction cards, and the very card he drew addressed his issue perfectly. The message of not allowing “what ifs” to affect his decision making process and it seemed to strike a cord with him. He shared with me that he’s concerned about “what if” people do not resonate and do not attend the event.

When you are planning something for the future, be it a goal or event, you have to understand that under an unpleasant state of mood may produce undesirable outcomes. When you are stressed or worried, you will be filled with several fearful thoughts like “what if people don’t like?”, or “BUT I think I’m not good enough right?”. Hence, you will start planning to AVOID FAILURE instead of planning to STRETCH YOUR POTENTIAL. Chances are, you will neither work hard for it, nor would people find your event interesting. Because your creation were created out of a scarcity mentality that was filled with fear, anxiety or guilt.

Instead, why not just take a break and do something that you like! Create that SPACE for yourself to take a walk, exercise to release those endorphins, or anything else that makes you feel good and inspired! When you are done with your activity, start planning immediately! This is because you feel so amazing about yourself and you will start questioning what else you can do to make yourself feel even better. You will be planning out of inspiration because you want more of that feel good stuff in your life. Yes, your mind will be filled with lots of “what ifs” as well, but those “what ifs” would sound more like, “how nice if I could have…” instead of “what if people don’t like this…”

So as you are probably planning for your upcoming week later today, do remember to ALLOW SPACE for yourself to do something that makes you FEEL GOOD before you start planning!