Evolve with Rick

Because My Passion Is Like Water

Just a few hours ago, someone messaged me telling me how much she enjoy reading my Facebook posts and ask whose copywriting style did I model after.

Frankly speaking, I have no idea. In fact, being a newbie in business, I am presently learning a lot and I have yet to study much about the topic of copy writing. I don’t even know who’s the One Direction or LA Lakers of the copy writing world. I seriously do not. I would know some of them soon. Probably.

But one thing I can say is, my passion for writing and storytelling stemmed long before I EVER STARTED THINKING WHAT TO WRITE FOR MY POSTS. To be honest, I wasn’t even thinking about whether my posts will be liked. I just write.

It stemmed even before I started school. Watching cheesy soap operas on TV was my only hobby, since there weren’t any YouTube, or fanciful devices that makes me occupied. Playing Super Mario Bros. was a weekend treat. Hence, I started to make up my imaginary story line for my own imaginary soap opera. I even started to act and pretend to be one of the characters and my mother would think I’m crazy.

During primary school days, I was part of the Speech and Drama club. I LOVE performing and I love expressing myself. In fact, I over expressed and sometimes ended up getting beaten up by some of my teachers.

In secondary school, I was forced by my mother to join NCC (National Cadet Corps) when I wanted to join either Symphonic Band or Drama Club. I hated every moment of NCC. The only time I LOVE being in NCC was when I was directing my juniors for a National Day singing competition. Whilst other uniformed groups are just singing like prisoners-of-war with rifles pointing right at their skull, I decided to come up with a mini musical. We ended up winning the first prize. I felt for the first time DOING SOMETHING WORTHY OF MY TIME! I knew I wanted to tell stories.

I graduated from film school with great hopes of making an award winning film. However, I lost a very expensive equipment, which was sponsored and burnt an unfortunate bridge with some big time film authorities locally.

Yet. The passion o storytelling did not die in me. I try entering from another door – Acting. I also tried my hands on teaching film in schools. Eventually, I also received my certification from Trinity Guildhall and I started teaching drama.

Eventually, there comes a time where I realized that being an actor, especially for someone without much hair in Singapore is limited. I turned to training. Training itself is like performance. It is like telling a story. You got to engage with your audience, lead them on and end on a high note, especially when you are doing it with teenagers who are high on sugar.

5 years of teaching film, drama and conducting motivational workshops for students, I hit another career ceiling. I would love to go back to making films, but I know that this is not the right moment.

At the same time, I also found my other calling in awakening the consciousness of urban people. Even before I started rolling out my services, I felt a strong pull to write a novel that highlights my latest calling. I love the process of it.

When my book is done and I finally had the time to sit down and look at my business. I was told that I need to blog to showcase what I know in order increase my credibility. My first few posts were a pretty arduous experience, because I did benchmark myself against other popular bloggers in my field of work.

But then, one day, I decided to just let myself go. I remind myself of the joys of pulling all-nighters just to write my book. I also reminded myself of the scripts I’ve written and kept in my hard drive.

I started to write out from a state of joy and fun. I don’t really care what others think of my posts. Some of my posts are really short and sometimes there are some grammatical errors. But at the end of the day, it is the quality of the post and not the quantity.

Somehow this passion-cum-skill of mine didn’t die out. It is like energy. It cannot be destroyed. It is like water. It flows and adjusts to its environment. When I can’t make film, I direct my own masterpiece with my drama students. When I can’t act, I speak and train. When I can’t write my script, I wrote my own novel and frequently type.

I am not worried that I am out of content. I am pretty sure that there will still be content churning out from me. Because this passion-cum-skill of mine can never be removed from me. For my personal group, I did plan out some contents for a couple of weeks ahead. Yet, newer and fresher content keeps popping up into my mind. It is 3.15am right now. I am supposed to be in bed. But I had a strong urge to share this out, otherwise I can’t sleep. So might as well make my sleepless hours useful eh?

I am very passionate in my business now. Yet, I am blessed that I am able to harness this passion-cum-skill of mine while pursuing my business. Will I incorporate a storytelling component for my future coaching sessions and workshops? Maybe. Why not? Time will tell. But I’m pretty sure that its going to be a very good one. Because I’m in alignment with my highest state of joy. When I’m in my highest state of joy my audience can feel it and embrace it.

So, my dear friends, everyone of you have a hidden passion-cum-talent since young. You have to be flexible with your goals when things do not work out, but you can never compromise on your hidden passion-cum-talent. You don’t have to pursue it as a full time career. Yet, if you can use this passion-cum-talent of yours in your current field of work or business, you will give yourself an edge against your peers. Some call it a niche.

Look at award winning YouTuber Elliot Hulse. He is a body builder. Yet, he passionately reads into psychology and philosophy. He is able to link his passion into his line of work. He eventually becomes an expert on body psychology. People from all around the world writes in to him, attends his workshop because he teaches people to become the strongest versions of themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

Passion, just like our beings, need to flow like water. We need to adapt our passions to the demands of our present environment. That is how we EVOLVE.