Evolve with Rick

Are You Certified?

This topic flashed into my mind so vividly during the meditation that I needed to share almost immediately.

Many of you might have dreams of inspiring others, helping others, doing good for the society, etc, until someone asks, “Are you certified to do that?”

What would you do? Would you give up on your dreams? Would you want to invest loads of cash and even time to make yourself validated?

This is a very common scenario in my country, where paper qualifications is considered king. Even when I visited my alma mater some time ago, where my Maths teacher asked me what my next big event going to be, I replied, “Meditation”.

“You got certificate to do that workshop one or not ah?” He asked in a typical Chinese Singaporean accent.

Today, I dare you, if you are pursuing a goal which you feel passionately for, yet you do not possess the qualification, and people question you about it, I dare you to look into their eyes firmly and say:

“Yes. I am certified. I certify myself.”

“Bbb.bbb…uuttt…you can’t certify yourself. You are not the authority!”

“I am the authority of my life. You can be an authority of your life too.”

Never get swayed by the ill comments of others. Remember this. Many people out there may end up suffering because you did not STEP UP and SERVE. At the end of the day, what matters is whether they receive any VALUE from you. That VALUE is far superior than any piece of paper.

Granted that there are some specific areas of studies such as medicine or dentistry that requires proper certification, yet there are so many people out there doing jobs that they are not even certified for. Besides, anyone who has full attendance, yet slept his or her way through class can also be certified. Would you trust this person?

Ask me who is qualified, and I will say the person who reads and internalizes, solves and contributes is a truly certified person for the job.

Certify yourself today. You are worth it.