Evolve with Rick


If you are like most of us who have access to the internet, you would be on your quest to pursue something worthwhile. It can be from as simple as finding the love of your life, to as complicated as building a business empire.

You may hire mentors, pull all-nighters to get things in line, sending ashes of passion up in the air from your burning heart. Yet, at times, your server may crash, the potential client make flake on you, your dream girl tells you that you are ugly even though you have been nothing but a gentleman to her, and worse of all, the people around you tell you things like, “As long as you’ve not earn a single cent, you don’t DARE tell me that you have worked enough.”

You get mad and say things like, “F%$K”, or in my country, “KNNCCB!”

Yes, this is pretty much how the capitalistic world works. What we can produce and offer is often measured against our self-worth. I know it sucks. You are not ACKNOWLEDGED. Most importantly, you don’t feel LOVED.

However, today I would like to let you know that you are already worthy. Every day, regardless of whether you are conscious of it, you are ALREADY adding LOTS of value to people around. The smile that you flashed on a depressed looking stranger might have prevented him from suicide. Because you’re not free for the concert, you offered your friend your ticket. She happily takes the ticket, heads there and meets the love of her life in the most serendipitous moment.

You never know how worthy you are. Truth be told, people needs to give acknowledgements more. However, if you are one of those who do not frequently receive as much acknowledgements as you think you deserve, worry not.

I will be here to remind you how worthy you are.

Tomorrow will be the launch of my private group, where I will be posting stories, articles and even hold contests and give out prizes to remind yourself that you are powerful beyond who you think you are. Kindly message me if you wish to be included in my private group.

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Remember, you have to believe that you are worthy before others can believe in you.

Your Partner in Evolution,