Evolve with Rick

Why Are You So Emotional?

I have been chatting with a few friends who wish to write their personal stories, yet when they attempt to write their personal stories and share it out, their friends were quick to judge and started to ask if they were “okay”.

Mind you, they were not ranting. They were merely sharing a side of their lives and what they realized.

First of all, I know its not easy for people whom knows you for your other persona to question with concern. Yet, I feel that it shouldn’t stop one from telling their stories. If these people are so afraid of you sharing your personal experience, then it is an issue with them, not you.

People who like to judge or deny others for telling their stories are only judging and denying themselves for a full expression. People who say these people are problematic already have a problem with themselves. Everything on this Universe has no value until we give them some.

This is by no means of stereotype, but chances are, these are the people whom like to celebrate the good times, thinking everything that’s “not positive” can be masked away by other means such as alcohol.

How do I know? In my ex-Facebook profile (no longer in operation since 2014), whenever I post up a serious quote, it was usually my party friends who texted me and ask if I’m “okay” and told me to “stop thinking too much”.

According to Laozi, the mysterious author of Tao Te Ching, there can be no overindulgence in one specific area. As he specifically quoted, “When the world know beauty as beauty, ugliness arise.”

These people may anticipate “good” times, but when a “bad” time comes, their expectation of “good” gets destroyed, and they will no longer be able to handle it. That is where they spiral into a deep emotional awakening, where they realize when one gets too “high”, they will need to fall into the deep “low”, because we are humans and we designed to be on the ground.

Hence, never be affected by people who judge you when you share your personal story, for if you are bothered, you are taking an extra share of their problems, which you would not need.

Yet, from time to time, remember that we need to allow ourselves to share the “good”, “bright” or “joyous” side of us. This is not so that others can think that we are happy people, but to record down in history that we have fully experience the full spectrum of life – The ultimate gift for every human. Life is not just about learning “lessons”, but it is also a balance of celebrating and appreciating whatever we have achieved.

Your partner in Evolution,

Rick Chan