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Jay Chou’s Superman Can’t Fly

He’s a triple threat – He sings, acts and directs.

He’s the object of admiration among many Asian girls and the object of near hatred envy among many Asian guys.

Most of his songs have a deeper meaning to it. This is no exception. Years ago, a friend of mine introduced this lesser known song of his to me. As he sang, I could feel a sense of pain and frustration that came out from him. My Mandarin isn’t very fluent, hence, I googled the English translation for his song. It was indeed Jay’s ranting station. Yet, I like it very much.

From this song, there’s so much vulnerability being exposed from him. For someone who has achieved lots in his life, he’s shares the same sentiments as many of us.

For example:


Can’t show the paparazzi the finger and have to put on a magnanimous front?


Can CNN interview me when my English gets a little better?


Can i reshoot the Time magazine cover?

如果超人会飞 那就让我在空中停一停歇

If Superman can fly then let me take a breather in the sky

拯救地球好累 虽然有些疲惫但我还是会

Saving the world is tiring, though I am a little tired, I still will

It is very interesting how Jay compares himself with Superman. I’m sure its no ego statement since he’s probably the best in Asia (or at least during the 2000s). Yet, it is clearly obvious that he’s kind of tired putting up the “act” every moment of his life.

The skit in the video supported his statements. Some anti-hero looking guy tries on a superman outfit. He wants to save everyone, but realized that he couldn’t.

So many times we set ourselves very big goals to achieve. Yet, when we achieve it, we are not satisfied, we continue to set more goals. When will there be a time where we take our “doings” out from us and start “being”, for we are human beings, not human doings.

Do we even take the time to appreciate our achievements?

Can we accept and appreciate the fact that our journey will be filled with imperfections, or do we expect ourselves to be the best in everything? This is in reference to Jay’s insecurity about his command of English during his interview with CNN.

We humans aspire to be Superman, but rarely do we accept that we are humans first. Only when we understand our human qualities and human limitations are unavoidable, we can finally develop a peace of mind. Only when we develop a peace of mind, can we have a clear vision to develop our path to excellence.

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