Evolve with Rick

The Busyness in Our Lives

I was taking a stroll along the northeastern corner of Singapore and chanced upon this palace-like temple. Intrigued by the aura of this temple, I entered.

I wondered around the compound until I found a beautiful space that resembled a classroom in ancient China. I was invited by a smiling lady to take part in a calligraphy session. Basically, I had to trace out the words using a brush-like pen. It was not the easiest of tasks since Chinese is not my¬†first language and I’m a leftie whose regular handwriting is pretty much illegible. Nevertheless, I took up the challenge like a warrior, since being still and doing something as intricate as calligraphy is like a very advanced form of meditation. Goodness! By the time I finished, I felt so accomplished even though my strokes looked amateurish.

The lady was kind enough to help me translate the words. It read something like this.

“Busyness, is a way to cure the illness within the hearts and minds. Busyness, is the way to create our karma.”

I found the whole take on business pretty interesting, since many spiritual teaching out there are encouraging people to stop being busy. This version of Buddhism, however, emphasizes on “purposeful busyness”. I think I probably know why. I’m not Buddhist, but I know Buddhism is a philosophy that focuses on the middle path, which the path of moderation, between the extremes of our lives, in this case, business and idleness.

One can’t be too busy, especially when nothing gets done. One can’t be too idle, because it will be a waste of our talents and capabilities. The world needs our talents and capabilities to evolve. Instead, we need to take purposeful action for anything we aspire to be, yet allow ourselves to declutter when necessary, appreciate ourselves for being alive, for we are human beings, not human doings.

Have a nice day.

Your partner in Evolution,