Evolve with Rick


“Its the hard afraid of breaking that never learns to dance.” – Bette Midler

I know how it feels, to say something wrong, get humiliated and ridiculed by others. Chances are, if you were ever humiliated, you feel very hurt and you will never want to say that again, even you strongly feel for what you say.

People who live in great fear of embarrassment makes good employees and students. They follow rules. They will ensure everything is done correctly.

However, if you wish to pursue your dream, make groundbreaking discoveries, there may be times where you will need to face embarrassment. I know its easy for me to say, but it is still the one with the thickest pile of skin that wins it all.

Having been through theater training, I have gotten used to being humiliated. I have said the wrong things. I didn’t bring the truth out of the character. Yet, it is also the mistakes that makes genres such as improvisation such an amusing watch, for their mistakes prevent the whole show from turning into a total predictable bore.

How wonderful if we could live our lives like an improvisation performance! We just go with the flow, even though we have a simple guideline to adhere to. We see opportunities in our mistakes and turn it into something amazing! Along the way, we have fun, not anticipating the outcome of the show. Along the way, we just focus on playing along with one another, supporting one another even in the midst of our screw ups!

While I am not a big fan of people mindlessly posting up activist-like rants, sometimes these people may be the ones that are truly liberated, for they have released the need to be judged by others. Who are we living to please if we can’t please ourselves?

Truth be told, if others are offended by what you say and attempt to embarrass you, wouldn’t that be more of their problem instead of yours? They have made a star out of you and allowed themselves to be ticked off by you. What great power you have already possessed!

To balance my thoughts off, just remember, whatever you do or say, are they of your most genuine intentions? If they are, no matter what mistake you make, no matter what humiliation you have to go through, you can let yourself off and relax. For you are able to let yourself roam freely and be brave enough to attempt new things!

Good night!

Your friend in Evolution,