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Dealing with Negative People

Dealing with Negative People

We are surrounded by them. Sometimes, we don’t know they exist. But when they do, they mark their presence in a very obvious way. It is like a pungent smell. We sense it, but we don’t see it.

They may not always be the people that complains explicitly about life. Negative people are just like ninjas. They conceal themselves very well because they don’t even know that they are negative themselves.

They could be the one that is always saying “positive” things to the whole world, yet deep down, it is a cover up of their insecurities. All they need is just a certain word or phrase to trigger an emotional explosion from them. They could be advocating for the rights of a certain group, yet most of their energy is spent on hating people who are outside of the group.


I look at this group of people from a grander perspective. First of all, I minimize my time and effort to engage on a cognitive level with them. Personally, when I sense their energy of negativity, I do make a mental note to release my need to engage in any form of verbal discussion. When people are negative, they can’t see things from a rational point of view. Every single fiber in them wants to have their emotional release. So its either you stand there strong and grounded, unaffectedly observing whatever emotional release they have, or you make you leave.

There is NO point talking rationality with all these people, for what they want is not the truth, what they want is to feel heard and feel right. Engaging with them puts us in a bubble of negativity with them.

Unless you know how to deflect the punch, don’t just stand there and receive one!


Remember that if they are so negative in life, chances are, they must have contracted the negativity from somewhere else. It could be from their parents and teachers who warn them about certain “kinds” of people. It could be a direct experience that caused them to be negative. But most certainly, it came from another source.

Let’s face it, all of us have been negative in some points of our lives. But we have been luckier. We managed to get out of the cycle and look at our situations through different vantage points.

Also, we can’t be all positive all the time. There are times that we are faced with really heart-wrenching issues and we need our moment to vent and sob.

The negative people I am referring to are the kinds of people who are constantly in a negative cycle, knowingly or unknowingly.


I am in a stage where I am very selective about the people whom I wish to include in my life.

Will I chat with them over the phone? No.

Will I hang out with them over lunch? A big no.

Will my doors be opened if they need anything? Yes. I am just a text or a mail away.

As much as I would not like to be in their presence, I will still be there in spirit. For all I know, they may have gone through great trauma in their lives. They may be in serious cycle of despair looking for a light source to follow. Maybe they are too comfortable in the cycle, refusing to get out. Yet, I am still contactable if they need anything. I am not out there to change them, for I am disrupting the greatest story of their lives – The journey from a negative spiral to being in the positive flow of life.

If they need to see me in person, an exchange of energy is needed as I am plunging myself into their world of negativity with great intentions of pulling them out.

For now, I just do what I do best every day – Being an embodiment of what great joys and peace could bring to one.