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The Economics of Being Proactive

The Economics of Being Proactive

In generation where occupy movements, keyboard warriors and angry memes making fun of big organizations are almost as common as grocery shopping, rising above the flames of these wars and combust into a successful and unique personalities has never been increasingly demanded by today’s world.

Our generation is constantly angered by the latest incident of injustice. We are quick to make fun of famous people saying stupid things and spin off several memes in honour of their words of imprudence. We voice out for our cause for global warming, animal rights protection, yet, we became more engrossed in shaming culprits instead of doing our part to add value to our cause.

There are many terms that describe our generation, “Weak-Willed”, “Strawberry” and even “Pussy”. Our generation is obsessed with instant gratification and overnight success with little or no effort. Since the margins of these types of achievements are razor thin, many of us swing towards the other end – To attack people and organizations for their deeds so that it can make us feel better about our lack of achievements. The moment when our gender, orientation, lifestyle, race, religious beliefs gets attacked, we get worked up like little kids eager to tell mummy and daddy what happened. We became reactive.

“Being reactive is the state of surrendering our passports and allowing the authorities to decide on our freedom.”

Nevertheless, I have a piece of good news. With the amount of angst that our generation has, we have the ability to see things our predecessors can’t see. We see loopholes that are causing our society to sink. However, instead of sinking together with society through our angst, we can channel our angst into productive actions that yield tangible results. We can be the alchemist of our own lives. We can become proactive.


Being proactive is a duty heavy job. It requires someone with great tenacity to face the perturbations of distractions coming one’s way. Yet, the choice of being proactive will yield long term economic gains instead of loss.

Let’s take a look.

You can cry, but you're still on the ground!


Bill Gates was right. Life is never fair. There are several nations out there that have imposed regulations against certain genders and certain religious and racial minorities. Yet, time and time again, there have been success stories that came out from such oppression.

Let’s say you are campaigning against the increase in cost of rice grains (let’s take this example for now since it is the staple diet for most of my fellow countrymen). If the cost of rice grains falls, our very own society may head for 2 possible directions.

The first – Rice produce companies are not able to buy quality machines to further enrich the grains and retain the nutrients lost during the previous processes, resulting in poor quality rice grains for sale, and eventually resulting in poor nutrition. With poor nutrition, we are not able to function as well and that will eventually lead to poor productivity.

The second – Many rice farmers will have lower wages. With lower wages, they will feel that their efforts are not justified and will leave the countryside to compete with other people for jobs, resulting in other potential problems.

So what can I do?

If you feel so much about the rising cost of rice grains, propose a solution that benefits both sides. Write in to various organizations and share with them your plans. Read up techniques on business negotiations so that you are able to secure remuneration for your effort.

But that’s a lot of hard work!

Thank you for pointing that out, which brings me to my next point. Read on!


Even if your proposal gets rejected, you have more to gain than lose. The proposal can be part of your portfolio, where you could add it to your list of dissertations, which could help launch your future professional endeavours. Let’s face it, who would use their complaints on their Facebook walls as part of their professional portfolio?

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions.” – Old English Proverb

For every single complaint, there is an opportunity to turn that complaint into something grand. Take a look around. There are several companies out there creating revolutionary services solving our daily frustrations.

For example, the app, Uber, has helped busy professionals save time and taxi booking fees by connecting drivers who are willing to transport them to their destination. Besides, Uber has also created opportunities for people who wish to earn extra cash on the sidelines by being drivers! Tinder, the dating app has helped singles saved lots of unnecessary time and effort by connecting potential partners that have reciprocated their interests.

Most people are stuck on the complaint vibration, which is a piece of good news for the ones who take action and create opportunities – You will have lesser competition too.

Besides having lesser competition, our cognitive development will gain an upper hand from the rest as we shift from a reactive to a proactive way of thinking. According Nobel Prize winning psychologist, Daniel Khaneman, there are 2 ways our brain thinks – System 1 and System 2.

System 1 is the way of thinking that is formulated by stereotypes and emotions. It is quick and automatic. System 2 is a way of thinking that is formulated by logical analysis. Results from this form of thinking will generate slower as it requires more effort. No prize for guessing which one do most people use.

If you have not figured out by now, System 2, which people seldom engage with, is highly unutilized. People who uses System 2 approach when looking at an issue would more likely to be able to make a decision which save cost and yield greater returns. This is because they took the effort to look at all sides of a situation before making a decision. With that said, System 1 has its place too! Would you like to analyse the purpose of a lion when it is running towards you?


I don’t know why. But people keep messaging me about their life issues ever since I did my daily posts. Soon, I found myself becoming the figure of expert in certain areas of self-help for some people.

This is because I got out there to do my blog and videos, share my thoughts and ideas that will benefit others. For the record, I’ve even written a book!

When you proactively take the step out to share your solutions and be seen in action, people look up to you as a figure of authority. This is because, while people enjoy reading entertaining posts by reactive keyboard warriors, they know their problems will get solved by proactive and purposeful warriors of virtue.

People will start following you and this is how you can inspire a change in the world which you wish to see.


Do realize that it is easy to complain and I certainly do not advocate eradicating complaining within a day. We are still human beings with emotions. Sometimes, venting out might be the solution to release the emotional toxins within us. Yet, the key is to move beyond our complaints and turn our adversities into opportunities.

The future is in your hands! Go get them now!