Evolve with Rick

The Art of Honoring Our Body

After a heavy lunch, I decided to head to meditation before starting my work.

Goodness! 8 minutes into the meditation, I realized what a bad idea it was because now I feel like napping. And yes, I did napped after that. The meditation track was so beautiful that I slept so well…until I realized it was 4 by the time I woke up.

“What?!? What precious time I have waste!” Came by very first thought.

“The time wasn’t wasted. It was invested.” Whispered a mysterious voice. “You’ve just spent a few hours honoring yourself.”

The mysterious voice was right. My brain, my mouth my arms, my heart, my legs, my eyes and ears were all working so hard for me. On Saturday night, I spent too much time reading and doing up my articles that I slept on 9.00 am on Sunday! I understand that motivational literature has told us that if we want to get something, we have to work hard for it, even though if it means sacrificing our sleep.

I have a different take to this. Imagine our body as our employee who’s working for our company. How would our body feel, if we keep giving our body more work, even during after-hours, telling our body it has not done enough? Any sensible employee would have quit. Because the employee is not being honored.

Hence, to be more productive, we need to honor our bodies for helping us to get to where we are today. We need to treat our body well, because in return, our body will do its due diligence in order to please us.

On a scientific note, Kelly McCognigal, PhD, mentioned in her book, The Willpower Instinct, that having enough rest and sleep is one way to increase our willpower.

So friends, let’s cut ourselves some slack!

Your Partner in Evolution,