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Action Movie Heroes – Caricatures or Zen Warriors?

So, I decided to take it slightly “easy” on Sunday, even though I got some work done. I spent some time watching a Taiwanese movie titled Black and white or 痞子英雄, in Traditional Chinese. This Taiwanese flick sticks out like a rose from a bed of carnations – it was an action flick. Most Taiwanese movies, at least the popular ones, belong to the romantic-fantasy-comedy-drama genre. I am not a big fan of them, since most of the movies tend to propagate an out of proportion reality about the idea of romance.

This is a big budgeted, high octane action flick. It does have its storytelling flaws, yet, I did enjoy the flick and made one big realization from watching the movie. The realization was:


Someone Who is Calm Under Pressure Achieves The Impossible

The choice for the lead’s name was pretty cheesy – Hero Wu. Having the demeanor of a zen monk, Hero rarely reacts, even when his enemies are chasing him down with guns and bazookas. Though the character was an typical action movie caricature, there are still some takeaways we could learn from him.

Whenever we are experiencing high levels of stress, what do we do? Do we let the emotions of stress overwhelm us? Are we getting overwhelmed? Can we take ourselves out from the consciousness of being overwhelmed and place ourselves in the consciousness of problem solving?

Whenever we are in a conflict, what do we do? Do we listen objectively to what others have to say, or do we just react and say whatever we want just to get heard? Are our emotions in the way?  Have we ever thought about the consequences of letting in our emotions run the conflict?

Despite having lots of people from all sides (police, gangsters and terrorists) hunting him down, Hero did not allow his emotions get in his way, leaving him lots of energy to focus finding the best escape route. Yes, the editing of the film made his escape very easy, and I do find it amusing that he managed to dodge every single bullet, every time. Yet, this little piece of fantasy can also be a metaphor for all of us to realize that we can always choose to remain in the calmness of the eye of the storm, or get blown away by the storm itself.

To the action hero in all of us,