Evolve with Rick

Romance Listicles

So, many of you have come across articles such as “7 signs to show that he is interested in you” or “10 signs of a perfect girlfriend material”, and I am pretty sure that all of you have read it.

Some of you might have read it and go, hmm…yea, I think that makes sense.

And some of you might ask, where is that guy/girl for me?

First of all, you have to understand that to have that “ideal” guy FOR you, you are asking FOR something, which means, you are in a mode where you want something to be served to you.

Have you tried asking yourself, “What can I do FOR the person?” or “What have I done FOR the world around me that makes me a total vibrational match to that ideal person?”

If I were to create a listicle of the perfect partner, it will look pretty simple.

First, regardless of what happened both of you return to the state of peace. Both of you know that this may not always be fun, but have the maturity to understand that we agree to disagree and there is still harmony between differences.

Next, both of you accept each other for who they are and learn how to harmonize and synergize what each of you lack.

Lastly, both of you understand that as fast as 10 minutes or as long as 80 years, you will never ever see that person again, and you are at peace with that, because everything around us is impermanent. Such is life. Our partners are here to share an experience and give us a lesson. Sometimes we will move on because the lesson is done. Sometimes we stay because there are more lessons to go.

Personally, I feel that many listicles have created a lot of self-fulfilling prophecies for singles. People look at the list and expect that their potential dates fulfilling every single criteria, thus, creating a lot of anxiety and eventually creeping the other person out. It has also instilled a sense of entitlement and selfishness in singles. They demand that the “perfect” person must come towards them without understand that they have to do their part in embodying the vibrations that “perfect” person. You find your perfect person when you feel perfect. You find the loving and kind man/woman, when you are loving and kind and do not expect anything in return.

Years ago, when I was learning pick-up techniques, I told myself my goal was to be a ladies man, mainly to glorify my ego. I researched on several listicles on how to be the perfect ladies man. Just recently, another romance related article surfaced on social media, encouraging men not to be a ladies man, but a lady’s man.

People need to understand that these terms are do not empower them. Ladies man? This is “my girl”. We are not a property of someone else. We are infinite beings who are limitless and free. We are not tied down to being a property of others. If we truly love that person, we need to release our attachments to them, with an open, sometimes uneasy heart to let them be free. They may return. They may not.

This is life. Life is ever evolving. We just happened to share a speck of moment in this external existence.

Nice to meet you. Take care. I love you wherever you are fellow infinite being.