Evolve with Rick

Evolving Without an Identity

I have ceased to use labels on myself. Most of us use labels as the be all and end all. However, a label is a feeble definition of who we really are.

You say that you are a college student. Does it mean that you have to study during the day and get wasted at fraternity and sorority parties during the night? Does it make you a true student? Or are you just living up the stereotype?

You say that you are a comedian. Does it mean that you have to say something funny all the time? What if you have nothing amusing to say one day? Does it make you any lesser of a comedian?

Some of us have taken up our identity way too religiously. Some time back, someone tried to give me an adjective to describe me based on whatever she read on my wall. With no disrespect to that person, I just laughed over it. Because for me, no adjective can be permanent. Additionally, I am pretty unsure about my identity. And you know what? I don’t really care.

Because I am always evolving. Even during the days I am resting, I am always evolving. Right now, my role appears to be helping people of the commercial and material world connect with their existential side, yet my role may evolve again in 5 years. I don’t know. I just evolving.

There is no need for a self-definition. There is no need for status anxiety. Keep doing what make us feel great. Keep doing what makes us excited. Then we will evolve. Then there will be no need for an identity. Then there will be peace within us.