Evolve with Rick

A Conscious Silence

If silence is golden, conscious silence is platinum.

What is conscious silence? Conscious silence is the ultimate weapon of a social ninja. He swoons into a crowd of unlike-minded people, silently listening with beyond his ears – His eyes, heart and body are also activated. He speaks at the right time. He triggers at the right time. He removes the “un” from the unlike when he integrates his multifaceted listening abilities with the timing of his words. He knows that linking minds would not be of help, so he linked his heart and spirit with them instead. He is silent, consciously.

He moves the world with his conscious silence. He is in a conscious state of meditation for most of his life. His sense of awareness gives Jason Bourne a run for his money. His abilities has made regular folks think its unattainable.

Is it really that unattainable? To be aware that you are not consciously silent is the first step to being conscious. From being conscious, you will understand how to harness silence in a timely fashion.

Its easy for me to type this out, yet I could tell you that there were a number of times where being consciously silent can be an uphill battle for me. I am an expressive person. Public speaking is my canvas. Over time, I learnt how to appreciate the beauty of that little void of silence, no matter how eager I feel like speaking, because there is no need to. It is in the silence where I may be better understood. People are bombarded with too much words and ideas every day. People are bombarded with reactions of other people every day. They find someone in a state of conscious silence refreshing.

Note to self. Be consciously silent.