Evolve with Rick

In a World That’s Never Fair

I release my need to feel offended. I no longer support activist that are against something. I am my own activist CREATING my own world and SUPPORTING my beliefs through actions.

Regardless of your race, religion, gender, social class, personal history, physical appearance or geographic location, it is very easy to justify why you have been marginalized. It is easy to get pissed and jump right out and lash out on social media. It is also easy to give our power away.

You want the world to move according to your own terms. But what can you offer to the world in return? It was here before you. Has the world not given you anything that you are grateful for? Why do you have to continuously state how should you be treated when you have barely treated yourself well, let alone the people around you?

Rise up. Start developing harmony within us. Start creating our own lives. Pursue a cause that is of a creative vibration. Pursue something that will uplift the world so much that the “unfairness” will not affect us in the slightest bit.

Soon enough, you will realize that the world is fair.