Evolve with Rick

You Have Done Enough

I have not done enough!

Do you frequently chastise yourself with the above line?

If you do, I like to reassure that you have done enough. Every day, we are contributing to someone else’s life for the better, even if we are not conscious about it.

As I walked out of my home today, I found myself not in my best spirits. A short while later, I bumped into my ex student who gave me a very gentlemanly smile and nod, and that one little thing that he did, just changed my mood.

Just like the theory of a bee which is on its way back to the hive after collecting nectar. Along the way, some of the nectar collected will fall onto other flowers, enriching them with more nectar.

Remember, everyday you are meant to be someone worthy. There is always a person, an animal or a situation which you are already contributing. Maybe you have yet to discover that you are. Meditate within your being and embrace that you already are 100% worthy.