Evolve with Rick


“No. I hardly watch TV. In fact I don’t. Shows, especially soap operas promote values that do not support a higher consciousness.” I told my friend on the bus ride home one day.

“But its good to have fantasy at times no?” Replied my friend who produces TV shows locally.

In the personal growth world, fantasy is often comparable with escape. Procrastination is frowned upon as it does not help us to get things done.

When I was writing my novel, I stopped whenever the flow of information and inspiration ceased. I would take random walks, change locations, log onto YouTube and sometimes watch really random content.

Yet, I was able to complete the 41 chapter novel within 4 months, bearing in mind, I was not doing this full time and I had many other freelance assignments during the day.

What happened was, I set aside little goals to abide by. Example, to complete X amount of chapter by this week. If I did not manage to meet the X amount, yet I was nearing the X amount, I would make peace with it. Producing the X amount of chapter was just a guideline to keep me moving and not stopping, but it was never the ultimate goal.

My ultimate goal was to produce an enjoyable and inspiring novel that will revolutionize how people view life, in particular on the topics of love and career success. To produce something enjoyable and inspiring, I have to make the entire process enjoyable and inspiring for myself too.

Remember, even if we have yet to achieve our goals yet, even if it seems like we are struggling with life, eating porridge every day as we build our business, it is very important to make some time and space for ourselves, where we really sink ourselves into relaxation mode and do nothing. Let our legs wander through the random streets. Let our fingers wonder through the random sites, posts and videos. Let our soul engage with a little fantasy. It is our fantasy that spur us to do great things. We have to experience that piece of fantasy first before we share it out to others.