Evolve with Rick

Before Hitting The Sacks – Redefining The Alpha Male

We have been treated to a diet of what an alpha male should look like and we already formulated an image of how one should look and behave in order to become an alpha male. The term alpha male has created polarizing effects among people. An alpha is either viewed with great awe, or great disgust.

I like to introduce a radical approach to view alpha males from a different vantage point. Many young men think that they know what an alpha male is – being loud, tough and bold. Hence, they start to behave in such a way to be respected.

To me, that is far from being an alpha. Those young men are nothing more than a slave to pop culture stereotypes. An alpha does not enslave his thinking and actions to a stereotype. An alpha creates and innovates his own brand, even if it means falling out of public favor. An alpha moves the world with his own belief and thinking. An alpha knows when to be loud bold, and when to be soft and retreat.

If he walks into Hollywood casting studio, Gandhi would probably have a role of a token convenience store clerk awarded to him. That role is probably far from the common perception of what an alpha male is. Yet, this frail and physically weak man had the ability to rally an army of people to uprise against the then colonial government and form the largest democracy in the world. He was not loud or tough. In fact, he was an advocate of peace. Yet, would you say that he has not done something that was not worthy of a title of an alpha male?

Being an alpha male is a state of heart, mind and soul. It is a set of beliefs that help men flourish and evolve so that finally, they can help their own community to evolve.

We have been confused by culture and media on what an alpha male is. If we keep on promoting a stereotypical image of what an alpha male should be, there would be great chaos awaiting mankind.

Dear men, each of you are born with a different set of abilities. To be a true alpha male, you have to be a master of your own abilities, coupled with your own set of values, not the abilities and values of other men. Like they said in the Burger King ad, have it your way!

Dear women, do not look far. We are just round the corner. wink emoticon