Evolve with Rick

Thoughts Before I Hit The Sacks – 1st November 2015


By definition of the Merriam Webster dictionary, a ritual something that is done in accordance with social custom or normal protocol. It can either be religious or non-religious.

In religious and cultural settings, rituals help one understand the deeper meaning of their beliefs and lifestyle. In a setting that is solely based on personal growth, a ritual is something simple that you could do to build up a new habit in order to achieve bigger goals.

For example, if you have been complaining about everything around you, a simple ritual could be writing down gratitude memos to at least 5 people, things or situations before you head to bed each night. In that way, you are able to create a gratitude consciousness where you will attract more people, things or situations that causes you to be more thankful.

I have decided to experiment with “Thoughts Before I Hit The Sacks” posts for at least 30 days. This is part of my intention to live consciously every day. It serves as a reminder to some of the greatest lessons I have learnt today while sharing them with friends and fans alike. This has been an effective method for me to chart my personal growth.

Now, look at a part of your life that you are unsatisfied with. Be it finances, relationships or a habit that you wish to release. Create a simple ritual for at least 30 days and notice the amazing changes that will appear in your life!