Evolve with Rick

Before Hitting The Sacks – 31 October 2015


Today, while compiling my book for a downloadable version, I encountered a few challenges. The staff at the online platform were not helpful and the whole experience using the site was patient testing one.

Funny how messages come to me when I need them. I was pretty aware that I was unhappy about it and as I logged onto YouTube for my daily dose of inspiration and entertainment, a video about Stoicism by Marcus Aurelius came to me.

Reality – Things (Good and Bad) happen.

While I don’t live my life like a paranoid person seeking out for every single worst thing that could happen, I realize that this is life and life is unpredictable. When things appear to disrupt my flow, it is my job not to get shaken, because when I get shaken, I am giving my power away.

I used to think that Stoicism equates with aloofness. Stoicism, in reality is equanimity. Being in a balanced state where I can see things from a grander perspective without any emotional attachment to it. When that is being achieved, I can find a solution and evolve out of the rut!

Like what Marcus Aurelius said “very little is needed to make a happy life”. It is important to take away the anger away from the obstacle and focus on the solution.