Evolve with Rick

Before Hitting The Sacks – 30 October 2015

Is There A Place Left for Formal Education?

In this day and age, where kids can make millions of dollars online, where does formal education, which tends to stifle people’s imagination and innovation come in to place?

2 words. Critical thinking. Yes, most of the professors in college are not millionaires and many students have better ideas than them. However, college education helps students to think rationally through their research for their thesis and projects.

When you have an idea, you need concrete information to synthesize with that idea to form a proper proposal that can appeal to the masses. When you learn how to evaluate, you save your company lots of money by making the right decision.

Don’t get fooled by the idea of following your heart all the way. It is important to listen to what the heart wants, but it is the brain that helps the heart to get what it wants.