Evolve with Rick

Before Hitting The Sacks – 29 October 2015


The person who starts the creation process is responsible for the outcome of his or her actions, not the reactions of the people around.

Too often, we tend to please too much. We want everyone to like us. However, we have to understand that we are only responsible for what we do, not how others react. The noise outside is merely an option for you to take it up, use it or discard it. Let the people who are creating the noise continue to do what they do. For they are responsible for the outcome of their noise, not you. How they respond to you, is merely a reflection of themselves. You may join in these respond dance-offs, but your response of them will be a reflection of you.

As we evolve, it may be tempting to join in these dance-offs that people have set up. But we have to understand who are these people we are dancing off to? Are they going to lift me up higher? Are they going to help me learn more about myself? Can this dance-off be enriching for me? Or are they going to spur me off to a cycle of anger? If there is a need to dance, choose your dance partners wisely.

Seek to evolve daily, through books, silent walks, exercise, meditation and goals. Remember what you came here to do every day, and there will be no need to join in these dances with people to justify your existence.

There will be haters. There will be trolls. Respect yourself and release your need to be part of the respond dance-offs.