Emcee, Voiceover, Copywriter, Actor

Top in Singapore Award (150x150)

Hey everyone! My name is Rick and I am an emcee that specialises in anything that has to do with promotions – product launches, trade/road shows, travelogues, etc.

Coming from a sales background, while also working as a copywriter, promoting stuff comes to me naturally. As an emcee, its always a great joy for me to see companies who hired me getting the results they want, be it higher conversion rates, better sales or greater brand awareness.

As of 2019, companies across industries such as banking, hospitality and healthcare have placed their faith in my good services. Additionally, I also provide sales-script writeup for any companies that require it. Yes, I do parties and weddings as well if you need me! πŸ™‚

Drop me a message atΒ to request for a quote today!

Voice Type
– Husky, Contemporary, Cool and Hip.

Character Voices Range
– King, Villain, Father, Businessman, Father, Professor, Teacher, Instructor, Police Officer, Sergeant, & other persons of authority.

– Authoritative, Quirky, Creative, Upbeat,

Cartoon Voices
– Promo voice

– Neutral (Received Pronunciation)
– Good for animation, radio, TVC’s & Corporate Videos.

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