Emcee, Voiceover, Copywriter, Actor

You don’t make commercials. You impact an audience to take action.

You don’t make cartoons. You create memorable characters for people to love or hate. 

You don’t make e-learning videos. You make subjects interesting. 

You don’t organize roadshows. You want people to recognize your brand and what it stands for.

You don’t organize dinner and dances. You want people to have an unforgettable night.

My name is Rick. My goal is to lend you my voice so that you can achieve the above. 

With numerous stage and screen acting credits in the past 8 years, I am able to draw the essence of your message, articulate and emote out your intentions to your audience.

One of my VO credits includes the award-winning animation short, Si Lunchai, which won ‘Best of Festival’ at the Prestigious Richmond International Film Festival.

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Voice Type
– Husky, Contemporary, Cool and Hip.

Character Voices Range
– King, Villain, Father, Businessman, Father, Professor, Teacher, Instructor, Police Officer, Sergeant, & other persons of authority.

– Authoritative, Quirky, Creative, Upbeat,

Cartoon Voices
– Promo voice

– Neutral (Received Pronunciation)
– Good for animation, radio, TVC’s & Corporate Videos.

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